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Wed Jul 30 22:07:58 ~
trist@soi said:
 Looks in again

Mon Jul 28 19:13:25 ~
cadynce said:
  ...drifts into the hall......

Mon Jul 28 09:00:22 ~
Zartara_m @soi said:
 steps in not having been around in some time .

Sun Jul 27 16:17:10 ~
Lavanya said to Cuchulainn:
 I just listen to all You say and then have to smile. Obviously You were quite aware of the play and that was...impressive as well as a good thing.

Then I watched You rise, met Your eyes and returned the nod. My deep eyes watched as You left the Hall and lingered a bit on the door before I took a deep breath. Rising with grace from the kneel, the riding skirt falling nicely about My legs, I, too, walked from the Hall but headed in a different direction.

Sun Jul 27 16:14:12 ~
Cuchulainn said:
 Good. Ya know I shoot from the hip so I'll be takin' off from the village shortly. We'll let things happen as they happen. I noticed the weather made a wet appearance last night so trackin' should be easy today.

He got up and looked down at the woman. He nodded at her.

I'm lookin' forward to the play, woman.

Then he strides out of the hall and into the streets of the village.

Sun Jul 27 16:03:53 ~
Lavanya said to Cuchulainn:
 Yes, I do know You make things as realistic as possible. That's part of what makes Your rp fun to watch and sometimes be part of.

I took My time thinking about this other thing You were talking about. How many times had We contemplated this and talked Ourselves out of it for some reason or another? I laughed softly then and lifted a brow, tipping My head gently and nodded.

Yes, I can handle it, Warrior.

Sun Jul 27 15:56:01 ~
Cuchulainn said to Arctic Wolf:

Thanks, man.

Sun Jul 27 15:55:09 ~
Cuchulainn said to Lavanya:
 Ya know I'd make it realistic, woman. That's how I roll, yanno? Ok, cool. I'll be ridin' out after ya all later then.

And yeah, we did talk about it but maybe I've changed me mind. Now I'm wantin' to know if that's a problem.

He looked at her seriously now. There were things that had happened and he suspected were happenin' that he didn't really like and he'd be damned by the gods if he was gonna let her get stuck again.

Ya know me life, my time. When this happens, ya can handle it, right?

Sun Jul 27 15:53:40 ~
Lavanya said to Arctic Wolf:
 Laughs and rolls My eyes.

Sun Jul 27 15:51:40 ~
Arctic Wolf said to Cuchulainn:
 ((Just tossing my 2 cents in anyway you can come play, do it!!! You are a fantastic player! Back to your regularly scheduled rendezvous))

Sun Jul 27 15:47:18 ~
Lavanya said to Cuchulainn:
 A frown moves over My brow but not of anger or anything, mostly of confusion.

I thought You and I had discussed this whole thing about You and Me and play and such?

As far as joining the play and the hunt for Justor, I don't think that's a problem at all. Both Arctic Wolf and I are open to most anyone joining in as long as they do it in a realistic fashion.

Sun Jul 27 15:44:10 ~
Cuchulainn said to Lavanya:
 You specifically but it will seem like the group and especially the rogue dude Justor. He kinda needs to die, I'm thinkin'.

Chuckle and wink.

For a couple of reasons, yanno. Don't be stealin' women from around the perimeter of my village, dammit.

Sun Jul 27 15:41:16 ~
Lavanya said to Cuchulainn:
 Come after Me or the group or Justor?

Another cant of My head as I gazed at You through deep eyes. There was a slight lift of chin, pride and confidence. My fingers once again twined and I mentally made sure I knew where each of My daggers were. Not that I was thinking of using them but it was something I did on occasion to help ease My own mind.

And why would You come after any of us as one of the Mercenary Brotherhood thing?

Sun Jul 27 15:38:39 ~
Cuchulainn said to Lavanya:
 Chuckle. He looked at her and wanted to reach over and push that damn brow of hers down. He knew when it went up, she was on high alert. That was ok. He had made this meetin' happen in a public setting for a reason.

I understood it all and thought it was pretty good play. I just want to clarify a couple things so that when I come after ya as one of the Brotherhood I'm not doing something you don't want to happen.

Sun Jul 27 15:33:12 ~
Lavanya said to Cuchulainn:
 I lifted a brow, moving slightly in My graceful kneel. My fingers smoothed a bit over the leather of the riding skirt as it covered My thighs.

Of course. Do You have questions? Something You don't understand, Warrior?

Sun Jul 27 15:31:35 ~
Cuchulainn said to Lavanya:
 The hall is quiet and he don't see any slaves around so he figures if you want anything to eat or drink you'd get it. Chuckle.

Thanks for comin', Woman.
I want ta talk to you about yesterday and you and your peeps play.

He knew the room was an IC room but he figured as long as they didn't get too OOC he could question ya about ya play.

Sun Jul 27 15:25:44 ~
Lavanya said to Cuchulainn:
 Hears You before I actually look up and see You. A slow cant of My head and a warm smile as I watch You settle. I gazed at You for a few ihn before speaking, My deep eyes meeting Your green ones.

Tal Cuchulainn.

I decided to dispense with the niceties and I waited. Yes, You had been the One who had requested this rendezvous so I would let You do the talking.

Sun Jul 27 15:23:06 ~
Cuchulainn said to Lavanya:
 The big Northman strides into the hall. He sees the woman and settles himself on furs across from her. He had requested this meeting and was glad she'd agreed to it.

Tal Woman.

Sun Jul 27 15:20:00 ~
Lavanya said:
 Having now read the rules for conduct here, I settle in a Free Woman's towering kneel. Graceful and elegant in My movements as I settle, My leather riding skirt draping appropriately. My back is straight and My hands rest calmly upon My thighs.

Sun Jul 27 15:13:11 ~
Lavanya said:
 Steps in to wait. Looking about and smiling since it has been awhile since I've been here. Thinking I'd better read the room rules again.

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