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Justice Alliance of Gor Hall...(jaghall)

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Mon Mar 02 08:15:56 ~
~Taegan said:
 Humming quietly as I read the news~

Sun Mar 01 19:39:47 ~
wandering soul said:
 -enters and finds a place to settle for a little bit.-

Sun Mar 01 12:15:26 ~
Rena of Gor@soi said:
 Stepping in here for a short while

Fri Feb 27 23:14:50 ~
wandering soul said:
 -unable to sleep despite the late hour, i enter to pass some time in hopes of finding a kindred spirit.-

Fri Feb 27 21:13:49 ~
ri'ana said:

Fri Feb 27 07:04:14 ~
~Taegan said:
 Rhymes in whispers, even prose
What a waste to not disclose!
Come and sit a while my friend
share the words that You have penned!
If not here to upset the masses
then in my rhyming room where there's no taxes!

Fri Feb 27 06:52:10 ~
~Taegan said:
 Steps in with My morning black wine/coffee..and sits near the fire. Its colder then..*ahem*..A Free Womans tit out there this morning!

Thu Feb 26 19:45:17 ~
Rena of Gor@soi said:
  stepping in to settle for a short time

Thu Feb 26 17:31:46 ~
wandering soul said:
 -wanders in for a few moments.-

Thu Feb 26 06:31:45 ~
Dawnfyre@soi said:
 ..Wanders out to other parts

Thu Feb 26 06:17:03 ~
Dawnfyre@soi said:
 Wanders in.

Wed Feb 25 18:35:27 ~
cadynce said:
  .....dances around the hall just for fun....chuckles....

Wed Feb 25 18:21:53 ~
cadynce said:
  ...dances into the hall.....

Wed Feb 25 18:00:23 ~
Orion said to willa @soi:
 My thanks. I am one man that wishes to see his home open again and that my brothers and sisters will and can come home. They were among the best I an have ever seen and the best at what they do.

Wed Feb 25 17:56:31 ~
willa @soi said to Orion:
 'Indeed it's a grand endeavor. Though I do happen to believe from lurking about that You are seemingly up to the task.

It will promise to be a great draw back to the North if successful.

I do wish You luck.'

Wed Feb 25 17:54:52 ~
Orion said to willa @soi:
 It is a slow process but I hope to get the Greta Lodge opened soon. I want to make sure it is completed before I open it. Many will have memories of it and I want them to feel at home as I do in it.

Wed Feb 25 17:47:51 ~
willa @soi said to Orion:
 'It finds me well enough. And You Jarl?

Looking forward to the Great Lodge's reappearance.

It's been a very long time. Many memories to revisit by all no doubt.'

Wed Feb 25 17:46:35 ~
Orion said to willa @soi:
 so how are you this eve, girl?

Wed Feb 25 17:40:53 ~
Orion said to samiyah{D}@soi:
 sweet dreams girl and try to have a better day tomorrow.

Wed Feb 25 17:36:46 ~
willa @soi said to Orion:
 'And greetings to You as well Jarl.'

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