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Justice Alliance of Gor Hall...(jaghall)

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Sun Sep 28 13:12:25 ~
~Taegan @soi said to Gorean or Guest:
 *Nods to the shadow figure*

Sun Sep 28 13:07:29 ~
~Taegan @soi said:
 *RIP* DeadZayed

~tickles His funny bone~


Sun Sep 28 08:45:35 ~
DeadZayed said:
Be right there, mercy .

And gee, Thorvaldr, that's a bit harsh.

Sun Sep 28 08:19:39 ~
mercy said:
 Hey Dead Zayed, slip on over to my crypt and we can tangle the bones some.

Sun Sep 28 08:19:13 ~
Thorvaldr said to DeadZayed:
 Demon be gone with you..lol.

Sun Sep 28 08:16:20 ~
DeadZayed said:
I'm dead and I remember too.

Thu Sep 25 15:11:37 ~
Valyria said:
 Walks through

Wed Sep 24 14:41:25 ~
~Taegan @soi said to FinnSullivan:

Wed Sep 24 14:33:03 ~
FinnSullivan said:
 I remember all 3

Wed Sep 24 10:04:28 ~
Moonglow of Gor@soi said:
 I remember both of YOU smiling

Wed Sep 24 09:58:56 ~
~Taegan @soi said:
 Wanders in with fresh coffee..smiling at
the last post and whispering..
'I remember You too!'

Mon Sep 22 16:55:39 *
Ram said:
Remembers ~Taegan

Sun Sep 21 22:12:17 *
LionHeart -- OOA said:
Fades Myself

Sun Sep 21 22:11:13 ~
thyri said to LionHeart -- OOA:
 oh rats, did we?

thank You, Master,

i'll check it out

may i also wish You a good night, Master
it is time for me to take a shower and get some sleep

good night Master
slips out too

Sun Sep 21 22:11:00 *
LionHeart -- OOA said to thyri:

Sun Sep 21 22:10:27 *
LionHeart -- OOA said to thyri:
So now you run to avoid that punishment ? Laughing

Sun Sep 21 22:09:49 *
LionHeart -- OOA said:

Sun Sep 21 22:09:30 ~
~Taegan @soi said to thyri:

I'll say it first then..*winks*

G'night everyone!

Peace and Love


Sun Sep 21 22:09:15 *
LionHeart -- OOA said:
Oh you 2 if read down in hall will see you missed alea

Sun Sep 21 22:08:43 ~
thyri said to ~Taegan @soi:
 aye, me three, Mistress

got to make sure the Large Item stuff is on the curb at 6:30am, but i sdon't wnat to put stuff out overnight in case it rains....

...and.....people rummage through stuff!

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