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Sun Jan 25 09:37:47 ~
jewel said:
 ~enters quietly~

Sat Jan 24 09:00:43 ~
~Taegan@soi said to freya{HI}@soi:
 *Returns to read the note..grumbling quietly about real time then moving along too*

Sat Jan 24 08:55:16 ~
freya{HI}@soi said to Gorean Gestapo:
 smiles and waves to the Gorean Gestapo

have fun!

Sat Jan 24 08:55:01 *
Gorean Gestapo said:

Sat Jan 24 08:54:33 ~
freya{HI}@soi said to ~Taegan@soi:
 leaves a note for the Mistress

Mistress, i have gone to make breakfast/brunch, will be back when You need me

places it on Her chair and slips out for now

Sat Jan 24 08:53:40 *
Gorean Gestapo said to freya:
((Seems odd to as would think of all jag rooms this one should be non-member ands soi friendly as made for newbies in part))

Sat Jan 24 08:53:20 ~
freya{HI}@soi said to Gorean Gestapo:
 rather a strange safeguard, i mean, if the unregistered folks are allowed to post at all, they might as well have use of the drop down

however, what do i know! chuckles
that is above my pay grade


Sat Jan 24 08:51:30 *
Gorean Gestapo said to freya:
(( only place I have found this to be true))

Sat Jan 24 08:50:49 *
Gorean Gestapo said to freya:

Sat Jan 24 08:47:52 ~
~Taegan@soi said to freya{HI}@soi:
 No snow here yet!


Sat Jan 24 08:47:08 ~
freya{HI}@soi said to Gorean Gestapo:
 heh! didn't know that!

thank You for that tidbit of information

Sat Jan 24 08:45:50 ~
freya{HI}@soi said to ~Taegan@soi:
 aye, it only takes one

are You having to shovel snow today too Mistress, or rather, are You setting Your minions to do it?

Sat Jan 24 08:45:43 *
Gorean Gestapo said to Calin:

((It does not let soi-ers be addressed by non-members via the drop downs. Type the persons name being addressed in the two by hand (without a @soi behind) and will let you speak as Calin))

Sat Jan 24 08:42:45 ~
~Taegan@soi said to Visitor:

I wonder who owns the room. Perhaps the settings are listed as 'registered only'?
Maybe a question posted on the jag cork is called for?

Sat Jan 24 08:41:19 ~
~Taegan@soi said to freya{HI}@soi:
 My opinion is too many!
I thought we had most of these childhood things eradicated. I just watched an interview with a woman who lost an infant to whooping cough. Apparently she had been in contact with some child who had it..she was still too young to be vaccinated herself..That is the real danger with not vaccinating your child..the danger is poses to others!

Sat Jan 24 08:40:58 *
Visitor said:
it never lets me post as Calin here
I was not ignoring you

Sat Jan 24 08:40:03 *
Gorean Gestapo said to ~Taegan :
That is OK you can send the innocent slave girl in your place


Sat Jan 24 08:39:53 *
Visitor said:

Sat Jan 24 08:37:18 ~
freya{HI}@soi said to ~Taegan@soi:

well, i had 'em as a kid, so i guess i am safe

i wonder how many parents don't immunize their children these days

Sat Jan 24 08:36:50 ~
~Taegan@soi said to Gorean Gestapo:
 *chuckles with just a slight touch of pink to my sun-kissed cheeks*

I will respectfully decline both. I will be making My own way. *winks*

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