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Justice Alliance of Gor Hall...(jaghall)

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Wed Dec 17 21:41:57 ~
Lionheart of Old@soi said:

Wed Dec 17 21:29:22 ~
Lionheart of Old@soi said:
 ~slips back in~

Wed Dec 17 09:33:01 ~
Lionheart of Old@soi said:
 ~sips on a cup as reads~

Wed Dec 17 09:26:20 ~
Lionheart of Old@soi said:
 ~steps in for a bit and sits~

Wed Dec 17 07:29:32 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said:
 *Nods in agreement with the Old Guy~~

Wed Dec 17 07:26:34 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said:
 ~slips into my old haunt~

Tue Dec 16 13:59:37 *
That Old Guy said:
Holy hell this place is getting vacant

Tue Dec 16 10:46:46 ~
Lamia said:
 Passes through the Hall

Tue Dec 16 05:24:50 ~
handfull{LH} said to LionHeart - OOA:
 The buxom blond pauses at the door, preparing to beg entrance, when she notices that her Owner has left. She leaves a smile and turns, heavy and full tits shuddering as her curvaceous hips sway with each step she takes.


Tue Dec 16 05:13:38 ~
bella{B} said:
 *Picking up His mug and hurrying to the kitchen. Washing the mug and drying it, then putting it back in its proper place and hurrying out to tend to her r/t*

Tue Dec 16 05:12:39 ~
bella{B} said to LionHeart - OOA:
 *feeling the pat on the head and smiling to You*

Have a good day Master

Tue Dec 16 05:12:00 ~
bella{B} said to LionHeart - OOA:
 *blushing softly as You nudge her knees. Quickly spreading them wide, showing all she has to offer. Looking up to You with a smile*

Is there anything else that You wish, Master? she did leave You a message, Master

Tue Dec 16 05:10:12 *
LionHeart - OOA said:
~heads out~

Tue Dec 16 05:09:54 *
LionHeart - OOA said:

I am sorry I need attend to other things

~pats on head~

Tue Dec 16 05:08:38 *
LionHeart - OOA said to bella{B}:
~takes the much needed cup and sips~

~nudges you knees wider~

Tue Dec 16 05:05:57 ~
bella{B} said to LionHeart - OOA:
 *nodding to You with a smile*

as You wish Master.

*standing and walking to the kitchen. Taking a mug and going to the fire, filling the vessel with the hot dark brew. Then going to the table and adding the bosk milk and sugar. Stirring and watching it turn to a lighter color. Picking up the mug and returning to You. Sinking to her knees at Your feet and holding up the mug with a smile*

Your blackwine, Master. This one hopes it warms and pleases You like hot slave.

Tue Dec 16 05:01:49 *
LionHeart - OOA said to bella{B}:
Good morning slightly puzzled

Fetch Me a blackwine. White and sweet

Tue Dec 16 05:00:54 ~
bella{B} said to LionHeart - OOA:
 *wondering if she missed One*

Tue Dec 16 04:58:08 ~
bella{B} said:
 *stepping quietly into the room and smiling to One*

Good morning Master. This one hopes all is well with You.

*gracefully moving to You and folding down into a graceful kneel*

Tue Dec 16 04:53:27 *
LionHeart - OOA said:
~sees the morning bot~

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