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Tue Oct 28 20:06:45 ~
Ram of the Tahari said:
Rises with a sharp intake of breath

Mon Oct 27 11:06:34 ~
Merchant Fahima said:

Mon Oct 27 09:04:07 ~
Merchant Fahima said:
  Oh and then you have to rush off well it seemed your day was coming to get you faster then mine though mine wouldn't be held back much longer.

Mon Oct 27 09:03:04 ~
Merchant Fahima said to Ash:
  My head cantered looking at you with curiosity. There was always much curiosity within me it was a part of my nature so was the mischief..both of which tended to lend to some of the trouble I could get into now and again but at least I had good enough mind to figure out how to get back out of it most the time...or just really lucky..perhaps just really lucky HA!

"So what is your plans for the day Sir anything interesting? "

Mon Oct 27 09:00:29 ~
Ash said to Merchant Fahima :
 I chuckle softly as I nod sagely

"Indeed it does milady, indeed it does."

Mon Oct 27 08:58:18 ~
Merchant Fahima said to Ash:
  "The day finds me wonderful actually. Much to do today for sure much to do but that just keeps one from being bored does it not?" hehe

Mon Oct 27 08:58:06 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Merchant Fahima :
 A soft giggle in Your ear and hugging You up very tight.. Flying then to my reality..


Thank You Mistress

Mon Oct 27 08:56:56 ~
Merchant Fahima said to ~*soulflame~{Ar}:
  "Do you know what I need girl? Do you know what would please me this morning that I just can't seem to catch you for long enough for? " Giving you this stern look then cracking a grin.

Leans over and gives a quick hug a rare thing perhaps but occasionally I would show such affections. I tugged your hair playfully and then let you go. " Ok now I am good well served sometimes thats enough to make our days brighter. " Winks eyes twinkling with that mischievous spirit and lets you scoot to rt.

Mon Oct 27 08:54:53 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Ash:
 Thank You Master "soft smiles"

Mon Oct 27 08:54:02 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Merchant Fahima :
 Swiftly I did walk to kneel with regret that reality would snatch me up so swiftly.. I straightened those shoulders and rolled them back.. The thighs tight and a lot of dark hair falling forward as I bent then to kiss each of Your slippers..

Mon Oct 27 08:53:45 ~
Ash said to Merchant Fahima :
 "It does Lady, at least now that I have something hot to keep me awake.I trust the same can be said for you this morning."

Mon Oct 27 08:52:18 ~
Ash said to ~*soulflame~{Ar}:
 I nod, thinking the girl had performed capably enough, besides it was early and I was privately grateful there was even a single slut awake to serve.

“Well done girl, a credit to your service of Ar.”

Nodding in the direction of the Free Woman I slide my eyes sideways chuckling.

“Looks like the morning crowd is arriving girl, Now off with you to see to the woman needs!”

Mon Oct 27 08:51:10 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Ash:
 When all was cleaned my lips remembered there was a coin between them.. How had I suckled my finger when that was in there.. A mystery for all times. The tall body set in motion and I saw it there on the counter.. Bending then to let the coin drop from my lips into the slot.. Hearing it clink in the coin box..

Once more I glanced up having about 5 minutes left..

Mon Oct 27 08:50:46 ~
Merchant Fahima said to Ash:
  I bowed my head deeply in respect in return before moving to find my own place to settle in a free woman kneel upon some cushions. At the moment the thick cloth that normally wrapped around my head and face veiling it from others was pulled down showing my face here where such could be allowed. Though other places that would not be the case.

The shorter stature and attire as well as more delicate features was that of a southern bred woman and yet the green eyes scarlet hair peeking out in whisps here and there and more rugged form said that of northern background. Clearly a woman of mixed heritage between the north and south of gor.

"I hope your day finds you well Sir?" The open friendly smile remaining as I waited for ~*soulflame~{Ar} to get her tasks finished looking to the girl with a fondness.

Mon Oct 27 08:47:51 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Ash:
 I sat the tray on the counter and returned the sugars to their proper containers.. Setting then everything in the sink.. surreptitiously a finger swiped a drop of tea off the edge of the tea pot and I did suckle that drop with a soft moan..

I hurried to wash the tea pot and containers then.. The tray too was wiped down and returned.. The spoons and cups.. I hoped I would remember all this if I had to do it again..

Mon Oct 27 08:43:59 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Ash:
 "I am always up before the rest of Jag, Master." soft laughter and I bent to grasp the coin between my lips.. Eyes glancing to you and while holding that coin murmured something that sounded like "Yes Master".. I stood then, lifting the tray, nearly 6 foot tall I am and long hair of nearly black hung in waves down my back to brush across the top of my waist.. Long fingers curled round the edges of the tray as I moved with grace and seduction to find first the coin box and then clean up the tray.

Mon Oct 27 08:43:26 ~
Ash said to Merchant Fahima :
 Looking up and seeing the Free Woman a few hort away,I stand briefly and bow twice quickly before returning to slouch back in my chair.

"Tal and good morning Lady"

Mon Oct 27 08:40:35 ~
Ash said to ~*soulflame~{Ar}:
 Grunting I wave nonchalantly.
“Thank you beast for being up at this ahn, to serve!”

Pointing to the tray I gesture… as I plunk down a copper leaving it on the table.

“Can’t leave a mess behind girl, take the tray back to the kitchen for me, wouldn’t want anyone complaining about lazy tribesmen not ordering a slave to keep things tidy now can we?”

Mon Oct 27 08:40:24 ~
~*soulflame~{Ar} said to Merchant Fahima :
 The smile was fond but I did not greet, I was still in service to the Man , who had not released me from such yet.

Mon Oct 27 08:39:29 ~
Merchant Fahima said:
  Soft steps of slipper covered feet whisper over the floor as I step within. A pair of eyes like rare emerald gems set upon a youthful face peaks around looking for one little mischievous imp in particular.

Ahh there she is! curls a grin upon plump painted lips eyes twinkling with some of my own mischief though tries to keep it in check considering there is a man here as well.

"Tal Sir greetings mischief!" Winks

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