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Justice Alliance of Gor Hall...(jaghall)

2 spirits
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Sun Nov 23 16:52:59 ~
Valyria said:
 Passes through

Sat Nov 22 17:57:49 ~
Hondo@soi said:
 looking in

Fri Nov 14 18:09:01 ~
pippa- said:
 wanders through the Hall, pausing to hear the sounds of the rooms beyond

Thu Nov 13 21:19:27 ~
Vali of Turia said:

Sun Nov 09 16:27:51 ~
Dusk said:
  leans against the wall

Sun Nov 09 11:29:03 ~
Templer's {gem}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 Fades back to rt

Sun Nov 09 11:28:17 ~
Templer's {gem}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 Thinking maybe I missed her

Sun Nov 09 11:24:44 ~
Templer's {gem}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 Stops by on cell
Taking a little break from housework

Hello hawtness how is your world?

Sun Nov 09 11:17:13 *
Dusk OOC said:
settles against the wall in silent contemplation

Sun Nov 09 09:47:32 *
Dusk OOC said:
Safe paths

Sun Nov 09 09:47:16 *
Dusk OOC said:
Yes I agree
and in truth
I stopped looking a long time ago
never really
recovered from My burn many moons ago
smooth rounded shoulders shrug
yet exotic features remained emotionless at the moment
only a small flicker of something reflected in the depth of dazzling blue embers

"No , I never have done the face book thing"

Sun Nov 09 09:47:11 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 Yipes...I have to dash...please..stay in touch!!

Sun Nov 09 09:44:28 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 *smiling softly*

It is very hard to find ones perfect match...and doubly hard here.

Can I ask..are You on the face book site?

Sun Nov 09 09:41:39 *
Dusk OOC said:
whispers softly

"I would be bored to death...."
a calm breath caresses delicate lungs

" I savor the thrill of the fight . sadly few have the mmmmm guts to battle in that type of war anymore "

Sun Nov 09 09:39:05 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 *Laughing out loud*

Hon..in the North..as a bitch..You wont need to run at all. I found that a sharp tongue and a sharper wit..is all One needs to stave off the poachers..*winks*

Sun Nov 09 09:36:50 *
Dusk OOC said:
soft silken laughter caresses the air

in the North I would have to drape myself in far to many layers of clothing
that rather limits my ability to mm move quickly when needed

Priest Kings know at times I need to move fast in my critter campaign

fiery blue gems twinkle with a devilish glint from days gone by

Sun Nov 09 09:34:28 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to Dusk OOC:
 I firmly believe that we are all our own worst enemies here Hon...and most critical of ourselves.

I've come to a point where I've honestly stopped caring. Right or wrong it has become healthier for me to simply log in..play..and leave. I was never inclined to be that way..however as I said..its healthier.

You are not a bitch...and if you want to be one..go North..*cheeky smile*...the FW in the North are SUPPOSED to be bitches!!..*grins*

Sun Nov 09 09:30:44 *
Dusk OOC said:
returns the hug
from one of the Few She calls friend anymore

Ahhh but You was ready for a change
I am simply unchangeable
and not very mmmmmm appealing for rp purposes

after all You was cold
yet I am a bitch
wrinkles a pert nose
at least in the eyes of most

Sun Nov 09 09:26:55 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said:
 *softly gathering You into a hug*

I know that feeling all too well..many here do.
Its hard to keep caring. Never say never though..look at me. I was going to kill taegan. Now I have a second ...third, forth??...chance.

Sun Nov 09 09:25:10 *
Dusk OOC said:
a soft sigh vibrates along glistening lips

I fear My gorean days have long gone
I am mmmmm far to rusty
and in truth have no real inspiration
Dusk lives and breaths but within is a dead soul

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