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Justice Alliance of Gor Hall...(jaghall)

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Tue Oct 21 07:25:19 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 drinks his paga and leaves

Tue Oct 21 07:23:10 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 (it is always good to see you and the serve was great)

Tue Oct 21 07:22:17 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 ((It was good to see You again..and bless You for allowing an untrained ex-free woman serve You..*winks*...Now that is true courage..*grins*))

Tue Oct 21 07:21:16 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 *The sudden smile is hidden as I drop my chin and murmur a quiet 'thank You'*

Tue Oct 21 07:21:05 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 (yes girl go .I must too)

Tue Oct 21 07:20:34 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 ((Master..I have just had a r/t come up..may I please be allowed to leave?))

Tue Oct 21 07:19:50 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 taste the paga
"The paga is good girl
as was your serve
You credit your Owner"

Tue Oct 21 07:18:56 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 I take the paga and drink

Tue Oct 21 07:16:12 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 Kneeling near the fire I peek into the pitchers that rest on the warming stones. One is filled with warm, honeyed mead and the other with paga. My wrinkled nose tells me which is which as the acrid smell lifts to tease it.

Filling the vessel, wiping the sides dry with a clean rep cloth..I move back to You and kneel.

My movements are slow and unsure..but I drop to my knees. The tenderness of my thighs visible as I open them..blushing furiously. With a back that bows beautifully I bend my head down though lifted arms as the cup is offered.

'I bring You paga Master..as well as my apologies. I am still unskilled in the art of serving and beg forgivness'

Tue Oct 21 07:11:10 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 watches the slave as she serves him

Tue Oct 21 07:10:29 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 'Warm paga it is'...*smiling as I tip back on my heels and rise gracefully. Small hands smoothing absently over my hips where my kirtle usually rests.

Measured steps take me to the kitchen and I look at the serving vessels. Choosing an appropriate one for the Master, eyes scan swiftly to be sure it is both clean and free from defect while I move quietly to the hearth~~

Tue Oct 21 07:08:32 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 (very early for you)

Tue Oct 21 07:07:45 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 "I am good girl. It is good to see you again"

Tue Oct 21 07:07:05 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 'May I ask how You have been?'

Tue Oct 21 07:06:17 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 aye girl
you can serve me warm paga

Tue Oct 21 07:04:40 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 (smiles for me no longer morning)

Tue Oct 21 07:04:38 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 *Fingers move to the steel around my neck as I nod quietly*

'Yes Master..it does appear so!'

Tue Oct 21 07:03:21 ~
MalofPortKar@gor said to taegan{Ash}@soi:
 greetings girl
it is a while since we last met
seems there has been changes with you

Tue Oct 21 07:03:07 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 ((*chuckling*..of course not!!))

Tue Oct 21 07:02:36 ~
taegan{Ash}@soi said to MalofPortKar@gor:
 *Turns with a smile..then lowers my eyes as I approach*

'Greetings Master. It is good to see You again. May a girl bring You something this chilly morning?'

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