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Justice Alliance of Gor Hall...(jaghall)

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Sat Apr 19 15:12:37 *
(still am) eir said to Timberwolf :
* Blows a kiss from the rafters*

Sat Apr 19 15:01:37 ~
Timberwolf said:
 ~Feels-up batmans nipply chest~

Fri Apr 18 15:49:08 ~
jale @soi said:
 Takes a seat for a few.

Fri Apr 18 02:46:34 ~
geekaChu said to Lucian :

Fri Apr 18 02:43:36 ~
Lucian said:

Sun Apr 13 16:06:13 ~
jale @soi said:
 Looks in here having not made it here yet.

Sun Apr 13 16:00:59 *
Eric'Ironhand said:
walks in

Wed Apr 09 13:02:27 *
Gorean or Guest said:

Sun Apr 06 18:48:40 *
Tul said:
Went to pay my respects in the City of Dust, but it only went back a short time. What happened to the records of all the greats who went before?

Sun Apr 06 11:20:11 *
Hot-4-Helga said:
Is this better?

Sun Apr 06 11:19:39 *
Hot4Helga said:
Is this thing on?

Sat Apr 05 14:29:47 ~
blossom said:
 ~looks in~

Sat Apr 05 02:58:49 *
savana(MR) said:
*peeks into the hall quietly*

Wed Apr 02 20:53:51 ~
Lamia said:
 the hems of her robes swish as she walks through the Hall

Mon Mar 31 18:57:49 *
Gorean or Guest said:

Sun Mar 30 01:08:13 ~
blossom said:
 ~looks in~

Sat Mar 29 14:25:29 ~
Joceline Emile@soi said:
 settles Herself quietly, mind a blizzard of thoughts. Wondering what She has gotten Herself into. Champions seem to be hard to come by. Considers as She continues Her usual reading of scrolls.

Fri Mar 28 21:29:27 ~
Tobi said:

Fri Mar 28 21:20:24 *
Franklin, the Man said:
-Where the f-hell is the traveling road?-

Fri Mar 28 11:44:00 ~
KodiakWhiteMane said to Joceline Emile@soi:
 Seems we are both dumbasses


not wishing to interrupt Your reading so bids You a ggod day

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