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Sun Sep 14 06:59:34 ~
Valyria said:
 Passes through with coffee to
lurk around then off to the Forest.

Thu Sep 11 09:12:37 *
Ash said:
drums his fingers along the semi-rough surface of the table as he sits in contemplation.

Thu Sep 11 08:50:20 *
Ash said:
listens to the sounds of others bustling as they began their early morning routines in various nearby rooms.

Thu Sep 11 07:49:33 *
Ash said:
His eyes flashed as his expression hardened. The flicker of the flames from the nearby hearth illuminating the resolve chisled on his features.
A man who cannot distinguish between what has value and what has worth, is foolish. Foolish men are easily parted from their possessions. Smiling to himself he thought..’Fortunately ,I am no fool’.

Thu Sep 11 07:37:03 *
Ash said:
“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
He folded the small note and placed it into his robes as he sat by the fire in a dark antechamber of the hall. For days he had questioned his own instincts, allowing circumstance and situation to dictate his actions.
His eyes hardened with resolve. For too long he had deferred out of respect to others, whom he did not even know. Settling, compromising, not wanting to ‘barrel’ headlong into any situation that might prove complicated.
His answer WAS simple. He had been patient, he had watched, and he had seen enough.

Thu Sep 11 00:40:31 ~
samia{S} said:
 the sound of soft footfalls pitter-pattering over the tiles floor marks her passage

it is late, the tharlarion lamps flicker softly setting shadows to dance on the walls

she pauses, mid step, turning her head at a sound


no, nothing

passing on through the Hall to her kennel for the night
leaving a soft trail, the faintest scent of jasmine, in the air

Tue Sep 09 14:26:46 *
Ash said:
Walks down the hall, the lingering scent of jasmine hanging in the hair as he looks down at the temwood table where he had been served a few days ago.

Mon Sep 08 20:18:17 ~
samia{S} said:
 she washes out the rep cloth, taking her time, rinsing it thoroughly

wringing it out as hard as she can and then snapping it out fully to hang up and dry over a rod by the ovens

with one last look around she realizes that she needs to move on and softly steps from the Hall making sure the door is fastened behind her

Mon Sep 08 20:09:52 ~
samia{S} said:
 the tharlarion lamps flickered and she paused to look up,

was there a draft coming in from somewhere?

she couldn't feel one, and the lamps ceased their dancing so she shook her shoulders in a little shrug and moves over to a high mantle piece, having to reach up on her toes to wipe along the length of it

looking around as she reaches the end, making sure she is alone and jumping up and down to try and see the surface she just wiped and if she managed to clean it sufficiently

her red curls seemed an ihn behind her in settling on her shoulders again, she shook them back into place and stepped back through to the servery to rinse out the cloth

Mon Sep 08 19:57:15 ~
samia{S} said:
 moves through to the servery and damps down a rep cloth, moving back with the cloth in hand, softly swaying hips sending her silks flicking up to either side as she walks, the occasional glimpse her brand visible as she puts a little skip into her steps

with the damp cloth in hand she moves around the Hall and wipes down any surface, not that it looks like it needs it, it was obvious that one of her sisters of Gor must be putting in some time here to keep things clean and nice

but it's something to do, and she abhorred being idle

Mon Sep 08 19:50:01 ~
samia{S} said:
 pads through the Hall on the off chance that there may Some around

Fri Sep 05 21:03:38 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~Deciding to finish up her mending in His room...the ahn growing later....and wanting to be sure His furs are nice and warm and inviting when He turns in for the night.....and then sleep. A crooked grin as she gathers up her mending...slipping on her sandals...easing the door closed behind her~

Fri Sep 05 20:58:07 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~His cloak was still in good condition, perhaps a new lining....the bond made a mental note to check. Nimble fingers deftly drawing the needle through the material. The rend repaired; the seam reinforced...knotting the thread for good measure...He was nothing if not hard on His clothes! Laughing softly...the blush deepening as thoughts of His vigor played in her mind....turning the tunic right side out....studying her work critically. The mend was visible...that could not be helped...but it was minimally so...and not unsightly. He, of course, gave little thought to that...but she did. Folding the repaired tunic and placing it to the side...only to bring out the next...glancing up now and then as she plied her needle...to make sure none enter and are ignored.~

Fri Sep 05 20:51:36 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~Head bent over her chore....firelight casting a soft glow....making the lightweight ivory wool almost translucent....giving life to the cinnamon highlights threading through chocolate colored curls streaming down her back....lending a pink bloom to high cheekbones....beginning to hum as she works...this task has always relaxed her. Soon she will have to ask her Owner if she might have some cloth and some of the skins from the animals He's hunted to make some new tunics and leggings for Him. The winter would be coming; and she would need to get started on making sure He had enough layers to keep Him warm.~

Fri Sep 05 20:46:43 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~Smoothing the material over thighs....fingertips lightly touching....as if she were caressing the man who wore it....a soft intake of breath...air catching as images flood her brain...resulting in a soft mewling sound....a shake of head...to turn her attention back to the task at hand...opening the sewing box...selecting a needle. Not a bone needle either - no, she had a selection of needles made from metal....shimmering and shiny. Her owner had bought them and allowed her to keep them in the sewing box - knowing how she likes to sew - and knowing she has a talent for it. Always, when she sees them, a soft smile graces the plump tiers of lips....softens the glow in gaze. Selecting one, threading it with a strong but not thick sinew...the tunic turned inside out...as she brings the ragged edges of the tear together with tiny, overlapping stitches.~

Fri Sep 05 20:39:39 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~A toss of head sends long waves of ruddy brown descending down her spine..contrasting sharply with the white of kirtle....taking out the sewing box and placing it in front of modestly touching knees..restricted...the only man she kneels in full display is her Owner....then turning to draw out the first of the items piled within the basket. A large tunic - one of her Owner's hunting tunics - with a large tear of course...the repair will be noticeable, but the cloth still has much use - and her Owner is not a wasteful man.~

Fri Sep 05 20:33:36 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~Seeing none at the moment, bare feet moving almost silent over the cool stones...the strand of plain metal slave bells wound 'round right ankle tinkling faintly...the drape of kirtle whispering as long legs cross the distance to the furs beside the hearth....the lighter wool of her summer kirtle clinging deliciously to curves...sinking to her knees upon the lush pelts....the basket set to her left~

Fri Sep 05 20:28:45 ~
~maeva~{Harkon}@soi said:
 ~Humming a soft song beneath her breath as she enters the hall...a large woven basket hugged to the full flare of right hip...filled with clothes to be mended and her sewing box....kicking off the light sandals allowed to protect her Owner's property....the heat of the day fading. The nights cooler, but lacking the bite that will come as the season turns....pausing inside the door...golden brown eyes glancing to ensure no Free are about that are in need of service~

Fri Sep 05 09:03:35 ~
Templer's {gem}@soi said:

Fri Sep 05 09:03:21 ~
Templer's {gem}@soi said:
 Ash is Male

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